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product arrow 9000 Series Refrigerating/Heating Circulators

9000 Series Refrigerating/Heating Circulators

Exceptional performance, low-profile design


  • Working temperatures from -20° to +200°C
  • Temperature stabilities to ±0.01°C
  • 200 watts of cooling at 20°C
  • 6 liter reservoir with bath top work space and easy sample access
  • Low profile design permits convenient shelf or bench placement
  • Programmable, Advanced Digital, or Standard Digital Temperature Controller
  • Complies with DIN 12876-1 Class I safety requirements for use with non-flammable liquids
  • Stainless steel reservoir top cleans easily, resists corrosion
  • CFC-free refrigerant
  • Easy-access reusable air filter

Performance Specifications & Part Numbers

Cooling & Heating Performance

Programmable Model 9012

Combines -20° to +200° working temperaturing range with time/temperature programmability (ten 50-step programs) and graphic display with multi-language (English, French, German, Spanish) capability. Select/Set knob makes operation and set-up quick and simple. Data logging via the RS232 interface and included software also possible. LabVIEW™ drivers and Excel® macros provide even greater programming and data logging convenience. Remote probe capability and variable-speed pressure/suction (duplex) pump are standard.

Advanced Digital Model 9002

Excellent temperature range and stability, combined with easy-reading, full graphic display and multi-language (English, Spanish, French, German) capability make this model suitable for many applications and budgets. The built-in RS232 port comes standard. The pump is a variable speed pressure/suction (duplex) type suitable for open and closed loop applications.

Standard Digital Model 9006

Designed for routine use up to 150°C, this model delivers the same cooling as the Programmable and Advanced Digital models described above. The convenient read-and-set LED display plus stablility of ±0.05°C meets most requirements. Three user-defined temperature buttons offer quick set point changes for frequently used applications. The pump is a 2-speed pressure (simplex) type for closed loop applications.