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product arrow Binocular Microscope With Camera

Professional Binocular Microscope
with built-in 2.0 Mega Pixel Digital Cameraa
Reap the benefits of digital photography and excellent microscopy technology. Use the microscope by itself or plug it into your computer and you’re ready to capture, label, measure, store, or e-mail digital images of your specimens. You don’t need to buy a separate microscope, camera, cables and software—this package comes complete and ready to use. All models include easy-to-use Windows® software. You can also record audio comments along with your images. You can’t go wrong with this system!
This microscope features wide field 10x (18-mm) eyepieces with interpupillary adjustment and rubber eyepiece cups. A pointer comes standard in one eyepiece. A three-position sliding rod directs light 100% to binocular eyepieces, or 100% to camera, or 70% to camera and 30% to eyepieces. Microscope has a 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with rack-and-pinion focusing, iris diaphragm, and swing-out filter with blue, green, and yellow filters.
The large stage features a built-in low profile, ball-bearing mounted mechanical specimen holder with low-position coaxial controls; 70 mm (x) x 50 mm (y) movement with 0.1 mm graduations. Microscope has coaxial coarse and fine focus. Coarse has tension adjustment, fine is graduated.
Note: This model is also available with a super high contrast objective (ACS), a semi-plan objective (SP), or a plan objective (P)—call our Application Specialists for more information.
Type Binocular with built-in digital camera
Magnification 4x/10x/40x/100x
Objectives 4x/10x/40x/100x; Parfocalled, parcentered, achromatic
Eyepieces Wide field 10x (18-mm) eyepieces with interpupillary adjustment and rubber eyepiece cups
Data format(s) BMP, JPG, MIG (for recording)
Data transfer 7.5 MB/sec
Cable(s) USB 2.0
Resolution 2.0 megapixel
Light source 20 watt halogen with rheostat intensity control
Stage dimensions 140 mm x 135 mm
Power 100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz