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 Mistral LCMS N2 Generator

Nitrogen Generator for LC/MS applications


Mistral LCMS (PSA technology) :

Flowrate: 35L/min max
Pressure : 8 bar / 120 PSIg
Purity : 98%

Mistral LCMS

Mistral 0 (Membrane Technology) :

Flowrate: 25, 40, 60 L/min max
Pressure : 7 bar (with 8 bar inlet pressure)
Purity : 98%


mistral LCMS

Mistral Zero


point fort Low maintenance
point fort Save money
point fort Easy to use

Laboratory Gas Generators

 BORA N2 Generator

Small in size and high purity Nitrogen Generator (with and without internal compressor)


BORA (PSA technology ) :

Flowrate : 500, 750, 1300 et 4000 cc/min max
Pressure : 4 bar
Purity : from 99.999%to 98% depending of the model

Bora 500-C
Bora 500-NC
Bora 750-C
Bora 750-NC
Bora 1300-C
Bora 1300-NC
Bora 4000-C
Bora 4000-NC

Bora N2 Generator


point fort small in size
point fort High purity
point fort Internal compressor available

Laboratory Gas Generators

 Sirocco N2 Generator

Nitrogen Generator High flow and high purity.


Sirocco (PSA technologie) :

Flowrate: 3 and 5 L/min max
Pressure : 5 bar
Purity: 99.999%

Sirocco Series
Sirocco 3A
Sirocco NC_FLEX


mistral LCMS

point fort low maintenance
point fort high purity nitrogen
point fort Easy to use

Laboratory Gas Generators