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Quick, Reliable and Safe
Compact multipurpose steam sterilizer UNISTERI® with the chamber volume size 70 litres is suitable for the sterilization of all instruments, materials, textile, rubber and plastics that are meant to be sterilized by steam when it comes to health services. It is also suitable for media cultivation and sterilization of solutions in laboratories and industry.

UNISTERI® sterilizer is suitable for use especially where speed, reliability and the highest level of sterilization safety are required, such as in surgical wards of hospitals and daily clinics, smaller central sterilization departments, emergency service centers, dentistry clinics, microbiological worksites, and laboratories.

  • rapid, powerful, intelligent, exceptional
  • saving of space, economical media consumption 
  • mobile – can be integrated in a furniture unit
  • built-in (ED) or external (FD) steam source
  • single-door and double-door (passing-through) type
  • built-in chip card system
  • unlimited number of applicable programs
  • separated system of cycle control and registration
  • flexible PT 100 sensor for sterilization of solutions
  • built-in printer and interface for PC connection
  • allows validation according to EN 285:06 a EN ISO 17665-1:06
Single door version:
Double (passing through) door version: